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All WLC Virtual Learning Programs can be accessed using the WLC Student Portal.

Se puede acceder a todos los programas de aprendizaje virtual de WLC utilizando el portal para estudiantes de WLC.

Other educational Websites - Enlaces a otros sitios
  • CK-12 - Interactive learning activities. All subjects! 

  • Bridge Builder—learn how to design and test bridges

  • iCivics—experience what it means to be part of a democracy

  • Mission US--students role play the American Revolution or the Civil War

  • Past/Present—life as an American immigrant in the early 1900’s

  • SimCity—learn how to run a city

  • SimTower—learn how to run a high-rise

  • Coffee Shop—run a coffee shop business

  • Electrocity—learn how electricity contributes to the growth of communities

  • Lemonade Stand—run a lemonade stand business

  • Science simulations—lots of choices for 2nd-8th graders