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Doby Boys


Through intense and explicit reading instruction, in conjunction with male mentoring, African American and Hispanic male students would demonstrate strong gains in the academic area of reading, as well as developing a sense of self-efficacy as it relates to reading instruction.


  1. Advance students at least one proficiency level on the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment.
  2. Increase student’s fluency by at least 25%.
  3. Develop a sense of self-efficacy and improve self-esteem, as it relates to Reading and Speaking.
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CHAMPS is a positive behavior support system which combines clear boundaries, socio-emotional learning and student incentives to produce Champ-like behavior in students. Through the CHAMPS system students are recognized and rewarded for displaying Champs behavior. Moreover, each classroom focusses on a strand of the CHAMPS motto to teach to their class. Champs enables us to provide our students with clear boundaries, attainable goals and the means to reach their goal.  CHAMPS stands for: Courage, Honesty, Awareness, Motivation, Positivity and Supportive.